DIY Mermaid Cupcake Decorating Set - 6pc

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DIY Mermaid Cupcake Decorating Set - 6pc

Have fun piping and decorating each cupcake in mermaid theme! Sets come with ready made vanilla cream and fondant decorations such as mermaid tails, flowers and assorted seashells. Best consumed on day of decorating! Decorative cupcake liners not provided.

Decorations may be replaced subject to availability. Cupcakes can be stored undecorated in the freezer for 7 days, or 3-5 days  in the fridge if decorated. Unused cream may be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days. Fondant decorations may be kept air tight in a cool, dry place (refrigeration not necessary), for up to 7 days.

BEST CONSUMED: At room temperature

Allergy Information:

  • No Pork/Lard
  • No Alcohol
  • No Nuts
  • Contains Dairy
  • Conains Eggs

For last minute orders (less than 3 days) please call us at 6254 6434 to check for availability.

  • $30.00

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