Lactation Cookie Dough 4 Cup Set

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Lactation Cookie Dough 4 Cup Set

These cookie dough cups are jam-packed with yummilicious ingredients! Each cup comes paired with a cute little shovel, which you can save for your ice cream indulgences too! Please note: each cup will have TWICE the capacity (200g) of those pictured. These cookie dough cups are so versatile, you can have a spoonful of cookie dough on its own, add as a topping on your ice cream, or even heat them up for a nice warm treat! It's yummy both ways :) 

Set of 4 Original $39.60
Set of 4 Cookie Monster (Biscoff & Oreos) $43.60
Set of 4 Chocolate Mania (Nutella & Snickers) $43.60
Set of 4 Red Velvet (Toblerone & White Chocolate) $43.60
Set of 4 Double Chocolate (Dark Chocolate & Chocolate Chips) $43.60

BEST CONSUMED: Cold, thawed from frozen or warmed

Storage: Store in cool, dry place without refrigeration for 1 day; 10 days in fridge; 1 month in freezer. 

Ingredients: Organic flaxseed, Organic brewer's yeast, Oatmeal, New Zealand butter & milk, brown sugar & sea salt

For last minute orders (less than 3 days) please call us at 6254 6434 to check for availability.

  • $39.60

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