Eggless Lactation Brownies

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Eggless Lactation Brownies

Adding various ingredents to our super fudgey and yummy brownies makes this a simply amazing treat - you really can't tell it doesn't have eggs! Do note that whilst the brownie itself is eggless, it is made in a kitchen that handles egg. Toppings such as marshmallow contains eggs as well. Do inform us if you have an allergy!

Each 6" Square brownie may contain up to 4 different toppings!
Choose your favorite topping or a different one for each 3" quadrant!

BEST CONSUMED: Cold, thawed from frozen or warmed in toaster (and topped with ice cream)

Brownies can be kept in cool, dry place without refrigeration for 2 days; 10 days in fridge; 1 month in freezer. 

Ingredients: Organic brewer's yeast, Organic ground flaxseed, flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, oatmeal, butter, vegetable oil, vanilla paste, sugar, French cream, apple cider vinegar + chocolate chips/ walnuts/ Oreos / Toblerone / M&Ms/ Snickers/ Biscoff/ Marshmallows/ Kit Kat 

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  • $36.80

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