Lactation Gift Set

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Lactation Gift Set

It's the perfect gift for mummy friends who have just given birth, or the perfect treat to enjoy that includes all your favorite flavors!

STARTER set contains 6 Assorted Muffins + 6 Assorted Cheesecups + 6 Assorted Brownies + 2 bags Assorted Cookies, and constitutes approximately 1 month's worth of supply, according to recommended consumption.

BOOSTER set contains 12 Assorted Muffins + 6 Assorted Cheesecups + 12 Assorted Brownies + 3 bags Assorted Cookies + 6 Cookie Dough Cups, and constitutes approximately 2 month's worth of supply, according to recommended consumption.

For last minute orders (less than 3 days) please call us at 6254 6434 to check for availability.

  • $128.00

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