Can you keep fondant cakes in the fridge?

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Can you keep fondant cakes in the fridge?

Can you keep fondant cakes in the fridge?
Jun 17, 2019
Can you keep fondant cakes in the fridge?

It's a common misconception that you cannot put fondant cakes in the fridge. You can, just watch TV... All the popular cake shows do it. You just need to know how to defrost the cake properly.

Condensation only occurs when there's a sudden change in temperature. If you can slow the rate of change, you can minimize condensation or even eliminate it completely.

From fridge, bring the cake out to a very cold air conditioned room for at least 30mins to an hour, before bringing to normal room temperature. Air con room is cold and dry, excellent for minimizing condensation.

Also, pack your cake in a cardboard box, not plastic. Leave the cake in the box as it warms up and if any condensation does form, it will form mostly on the box and be absorbed by the cardboard and not ruin your cake.

Having your cake picked up or delivered? No problem at all, assuming the cake will be transported in an air conditioned vehicle... Straight from the fridge into your air con vehicle for delivery. Cold, firm cake equals stress free delivery, talk about bonus! By the time you reach the location, if the cake still feels a little cold, just leave it in the box a little longer. If it's going to be in an air con party room, no problem at all...

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